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Racial Tensions Erupt in Maging Community
Families of
Analysts theorize that the action was motivated by "white rage" tied to Black Mages possessing a higher magic score and growth rate in the Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. One White Mage youth was charged with "Uncoolness," while six Black Mages have been booked under "Intent to cause Public Disturbance" over the incident. According to the White Mage Mayor, "There is nothing racist about burning a cross. It's not like people are finding nooses hanging from a tree, or something. That would be something to talk about." The offending White Mages had no comment when it was pointed out that they must have dual-classed Black Magic to set the fires in the first place.
(Please note - While I wrote this text, I did -not- draw the picture. I took it from a YTMND, and am unaware of the original artist.)
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  • Reported by Serris
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