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Free Shinra UMD case with Crisis Core preorder
crisis core final fantasy vii shinra bonus case
North American gamers who preorder Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII from select retailers will receive a cheap plastic UMD case with the Shinra logo in it. The coveted prize will be awarded to those who give their currencies to GameStop, EB Games, GameCrazy, or
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Man, that is too sweet to pass up. I really had my hopes set on a Shinra coaster or sticker, but man shit! Imagine the looks on my friend's faces when I whipped out that puppy! They'd be all like "Oh, SNAP!!"

Thank you Gamestop for allowing me to get the true respect I deserve for owning this game.
Wow... that is seriously the weakest limited edition ah umm... thing I ever seen. I'm a big FF fan, with VII being my fav, but this doesn't make me want to preorder the damn thing. o_o

lol at dean's post XD

Last edited by bahamutzero889 on January 30, 2008

Yeah, I'm glad someone else is excited besides me. I'm going to walk to the high school down the street and gloat with my Shinra UMD case.
I have one that's perfect, but it doesn't display the certificate of authenticity with any prominence whatsoever!
Well at Best Buy you get a metallic cover instead of the UMD case. I might prefer that over a case.

Though it is nothing like the Japanese got. Headphones and the limited edition 77,777 units FF7: Crisis Core PSP package. You can grab those on Ebay (unopened) for about $600 USD.

Just annoying how those of us outside of Japan get hosed when it comes to stuff like this. When I lived there, almost every major game had huge packages of stuff you would never see outside of Japan.

Last edited by outbackerdave on March 18, 2008

How is not being involved in exploitation through merchandising equivalent to "getting hosed"? I for one am glad they don't try to pull that shit here.
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