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Folks Soul: The Lost Folklore 
Original Soundtrack

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Track list translation: Game Music Revolution.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Beginning of the Journey Kenji Kawai      
2 A Mysterious Door Kenji Kawai      
3 A Strange Word Kenji Kawai      
4 Solitude Shinji Hosoe      
5 Resolution Kenji Kawai      
6 Awakening Hiroto Saitoh      
7 Rumbling Shinji Hosoe      
8 Mystery Shinji Hosoe      
9 Waltz of the Fairy Ayako Saso      
10 Crisis Hiroto Saitoh      
11 Leaving the Myth Ayako Saso      
12 Scattered Flowers Ayako Saso      
13 A Voice from the Past Ayako Saso      
14 The Past Resurfaces Hiroto Saitoh      
15 Communication with the Dead Shinji Hosoe      
16 Neverending Battleground Shinji Hosoe      
17 Threat Shinji Hosoe      
18 Avalon Shinji Hosoe      
 Disc 2
Disc 2 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 A Breath from Ancient Times Ayako Saso      
2 Plan Shinji Hosoe      
3 Shock Shinji Hosoe      
4 A Visit in Tragedy Yuriko Mukoujima      
5 Land of Gods Ayako Saso      
6 To Arrange History Ayako Saso      
7 Trial Shinji Hosoe      
8 Den of the Snake Dragon Shinji Hosoe      
9 Sorrow Kenji Kawai      
10 Distant Memory Kenji Kawai      
11 Forgotten Town Ayako Saso      
12 Irish Lullaby Irish Folk Song      
13 Danny Boy Irish Folk Song      
14 Between Life and Death Hiroto Saitoh      
15 Relief Kenji Kawai      
 Disc 3
Disc 3 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 To the Unknown World Kenji Kawai      
2 Carved Time Shinji Hosoe      
3 Map of the Penfield Shinji Hosoe      
4 In the Land of Judgment Ayako Saso      
5 Courtroom Kenji Kawai      
6 The Judge and the Judged Kenji Kawai      
7 End of Memory Ayako Saso      
8 Showdown Shinji Hosoe      
9 The Darkness Within Shinji Hosoe      
10 Truth Kenji Kawai      
11 Determination Hiroto Saitoh      
12 With the Star Falling Below Yuriko Mukoujima      
13 King Barrel Tool Hiroto Saitoh      
14 Skilled Spear Shinji Hosoe      
15 Transfiguration Ayako Saso      
16 Those Who Must Fear Ayako Saso      
17 Beginning of the End Shinji Hosoe      
18 Collapse Shinji Hosoe      
19 Where the Soul Goes Kenji Kawai, Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Hiroto Saitoh      
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