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Before Crisis & Last Order 
Original Soundtrack

The original sound version of the 2004 i mode cellphone game BEFORE CRISIS - Final Fantasy VII finally receives a music CD sound conversion. The soundtrack includes the background music of OVA "Last Order," included with the limited edition box set of FINAL FANTASY ADVENT CHILDREN. Both scores are by the rising energetic composer Takeharu Ishimoto.

- Jeriaska (February 08, 2007)

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Track list translation: Square Enix.
 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Type In-game location Time
1 Theme of the Turks (BC-FFVII-Version)   Before Crisis  
2 Mission   Before Crisis  
3 Survive   Before Crisis  
4 Secret Action   Before Crisis  
5 Theme of Elfe   Before Crisis  
6 Black Beat   Before Crisis  
7 Desperate Crisis   Before Crisis  
8 Last Labyrinth   Before Crisis  
9 Rebirth   Before Crisis  
10 Theme of Elfe (Angel)   Before Crisis  
11 Theme of Elfe (Devil)   Before Crisis  
12 Rebirth (Edit)   Before Crisis  
13 1st Climax   Last Order  
14 Cremation   Last Order  
15 Pride of Soldier   Last Order  
16 Pursuit   Last Order  
17 Beyond the Death (from Theme of Tifa)   Last Order  
18 Frenzy of Steel   Last Order  
19 Sneak Attack   Last Order  
20 Brief Reunion   Last Order  
21 Serious Attack   Last Order  
22 Brief Reunion (from Theme of Tifa)   Last Order  
23 The Truth in the Dark   Last Order  
24 Theme of the Turks 2005   Last Order  
25 Dear Friend   Last Order  
26 Last Order   Last Order  
27 Last Order (Edit)   Last Order  
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