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Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks

This album was released just 20 days after the International version of Final Fantasy VII, and it commemorates the Triple Platinum Anniversary of the title. Now while it does indeed contain 16 tracks that are also on the OST, the last three tracks for me are worth the cost. Hamaguichi's orchestrations breathe new life into any Uematsu work, but these songs in particular stand out for me. The Main Theme is beautifully orchestrated, and it really drives home how well the music was composed, despite the limitations of the hardware at the time. The orchestrated version of One-Winged Angel is also fantastic, because again, an actual orchestra rather than a synthesised one has enhanced this great track. The sheer brilliance of Hamaguchi?s orchestrations always pulls the strongest emotions related to the game?s memory, as is seen in Aeris? Theme. This striking song for me has increased the brilliance of that certain scene, and truly captures the moment in time. For me, orchestrated versions of Uematsu?s work always allow me to remember the title well, and none can do it more than this track, brilliance at its finest.

- Nephtis (April 24, 2005)

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 Disc 1
Disc 1 Name Artist Type In-game location Time
1 Opening ~ Bombing Mission Uematsu Medley (theme, location) Opening, mako reactor 3:59
2 Cosmo Canyon Uematsu Character, location Red XIII's theme, Cosmo Canyon 3:36
3 Still More Fighting Uematsu Boss battle   3:33
4 Farm Boys Uematsu Location Chocobo farm 2:52
5 Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony Uematsu Event Junon parade 2:15
6 Electric de Chocobo Uematsu Theme Chocobo battle theme 4:02
7 Honey Bee Inn Uematsu Location Honey Bee Inn 3:53
8 Cid's Theme Uematsu Character Cid's theme 3:11
9 The Forested Temple Uematsu Location Temple of the Ancients 3:52
10 Fighting Uematsu Battle   2:47
11 In the Middle of the Journey Uematsu Location Town theme 3:44
12 Gold Saucer Uematsu Location Gold Saucer 1:59
13 Crazy Motorcycle Uematsu Event Escape from Shinra 3:38
14 Cait Sith's Theme Uematsu Character Cait Sith's theme 3:34
15 Descendants of the Shinobi Uematsu Character, location Yuffie's theme, Wutai 2:46
16 J-E-N-O-V-A Uematsu Boss battle J-E-N-O-V-A battles 2:35
17 FFVII Main Theme [Uematsu] Hamaguchi Location (orchestral ver.) World map 6:28
18 One-Winged Angel [Uematsu] Hamaguchi Boss battle (orchestral ver.) Final battle 4:26
19 Aeris' Theme [Uematsu] Hamaguchi Character (orchestral ver.) Aeris' theme 5:01