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hey everyone,
for the peeps that knew me way back, ill be back for a whlie. i moved out and we dont have computer/the net, so no typie.though now im cooler with my parents so ill be using their computer to keep up on shit. i remmber the site was down for a while, good to see things up and running.

to all the new people that would appear to regulars, Hi, im Albert.guess ill just have to get to know the new people i dont know, so say hi, im not a biter.P.S Nataru=.....LC?
nope just nataru.
people are getting confused...
Hello Albert from Alberta, welcome back.
Welcome fellow Badass. Why not find other people who used to post here when this place was intimidating and large? Good to see more people slowly crawling back...
Hello hello, welcome back to the good ol' SHMFOD!

It IS no suprise that you've returned, as is CLEARLY states in the User Agreement that your eternal soul is now the SOLE property of the SHMFOD Administrators [henceforth known as "They"]. "They" wish to congratulate your return to the Great Soul Repository [er, uh... "The Forums"].

See you around... :lol:
i'm back... i had to come crawling back.
I guess no one can resist the sexiness that is the SHFoD. Oh such a cruel mistress it is.
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