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If ANY Final Fantasy title deserves a [video game-based] sequel, it's certainly this one. Realistically, I could say this game has in it at least 2 reasonably well-done sequels and, hell, even prequels. For me, this could very well become what FF Tactics was, though obviously many times over, of course. I'm most taken by the sort of depth of the social structure about and between the various races (and likewise subcultures), and if that is any indication, I'm going to risk optimism and expect the best regarding the character development between the story's main characters. Now, if only more of the game's music could be made readily available for some previewing...

Honestly, I'm much more worried about them over-emphasizing these things. There needs to be a subtle quality about races and their relashionships that makes for a realistic and believable atmosphere.

But if Square spends seven story arcs on how much race A despises race B, then you end up with immature and negatively blunt development, ala Xenosaga...
Racial discrimination. Man. Sounds rough. Anyways, could someone clarify if the the other magic gifted race that appeared in FFTA are going to be in there? Sorry, I forgot what they're called, I tnink it's Nmou.
As far as I know or the official site is concerned, inclusive of all photographs, only what has been presented (Hume through Seeq) exists in FFXII.

That is, unless there's something hiding in a corner of a picture somewhere.

You spot it; I'll call it.
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