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Forums / Final Fantasy VII / Which do you like better Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 8?

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Although FFVII was a Masterpiece that set the standard for other Turn-Based RPGs to follow and one game I love dearly, if I had to choose between VII or VIII...I'd have to go with VIII. Course, if you had included FF9 in there, I woulda picked that one as it had more of an old-school appeal to it & I'm from the old-school set that played the originals years ago. But, you didn't...lmao...At any rate, all FF games have been pretty good to me. Really couldn't pick just one.
I can't say I like one more than the other, but here is a breakdown of my opinions:

Graphical style: 8
Story: 7
Game workings(junction vs materia, party, battle, etc.): 8
Sound: 7

I probably had more fun with 7 when it came out, just because it would be a bunch of my friends and I piling into somebody's basement to play it after school. Those were really good times. But I had tons of fun playing 8 too.
Hmm, I thought that 7 and 8 were so far away from the "Medieval" style FF games (Castles, knights, you know stuff like that :D) I think this is why I liked both of them so much. More modern RPG's are just really awesome.

But I'd have to say 7, only because 8 kinda had a weird ending. Hard choice though.

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I think FFVIII's ending wins over FFVII's ending any day.
VII's ending was great, until they started making all sorts of sequels, ruining the beauty and elegance of the ending. But, VIII's is definitely more visually stunning. Spoiler Warning! Highlight to read: [And it ties up pretty much every loose end into a nice fuzzy warm package (even if it doesn't totally make sense).] Don't really know which ending I prefer more. Though, I have beaten VIII more times to watch the ending than I have VII.
Though, I have beaten VIII more times to watch the ending than I have VII.

and that's exactly why god gave us Youtube
True, but I enjoy beating it. And I like the higher video quality. So boo on you tube.
well, we have other sites too. either has a much higher size limit, or a non-existent size-limit.
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