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Ok. I bought Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on Tuesday.

I played the Original and like many of you, found it to be one of the best games and best storylines i've ever played.

Here's my opinion. If you don't care about my opinion, feel free to not read any further, and i don't really care. I just want to put this down somewhere.

So far, I haven't had much time to play it, i'm up to Eagrose Castle(Igros, for veterans of the original. Yes. They Changed the name)
The Bad:
New Translation-I'm finding it a bit annoying, its Medieval style language and a little difficult. They also changed a lot of names which really annoy me. And almost all the skills have new names, so, if you're used to the old names, Best of luck to you.
Small Screen- Slim&lite users can buy A/V cables or something to hook it up to the TV though, I duno.
Sound Quality on the PSP- I dunno, somehow its not the same as playing it on the Playstation with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.
No. Camera. Movement. - Yes folks. You can not move your camera in the fights, aside from up and down, and zooming out and in. (If someone knows how to do this please tell me) And like me, most of you probably spent half the time moving the camera from left to right for a better view. oh well.

The Good:
State-Save when turn off- I didn't realize the PSP had this feature, but it holds your spot when you turn it off, and when you turn it back on, you're right there. Nifty.
2 new Classes- This is...good, and bad at the same time. Onion Knight and Dark knight don't seem to be all that great. From what i've been told, Onion Knight has 0 abilities, and Dark Knight is just Gafgarion with a few more skills, nothing all that special, especially for the tedious requirements.
2 new unique characters- some guy from FFTA and Balthier from FFXII. I don't know anything about them yet, so sorry.
Character roster increased to 24 - YES!!!!! VICTORY! Before, it was 16, that gave you room for every special character including Boco, Rad, Alicia and the other one from the first fight in chapter 2(i'm thinking Lavian, I duno) But now, you can also get Balthier and Luso in there, as well as a few other monsters, so should be pretty cool.

Anyways, that's it for now.
I've heard that holding Square alters the function of the L and R keys. Try holding Square and pressing them--it might turn the camera.
I'll be pretty pissed if there is no camera movement. I spend half the battle turning the camera around. Aren't some of the enemies hidden in some battles? I don't want it to be like FFTA which was total crap.
ok. i was able to find some time to play it this weekend, and i tried to find out a way to move the camera.

It DOES work.

the square button doesn't change the effect, but the analog stick by itself moves the camera.

Sorry to scare everyone.
So do you think its worth buying if you own the original?
yes, and no.

if you have a psp, by all means, its definitely worth 40$.
If you don't have a psp, like i did, and have no other reason to buy a psp, how much do you want it?

They changed alot of the names. :(
Algus is now Argath(WTF???)

Gained JP Up is increased from 200 JP to 250 JP.
In my experience so far about 40 hours into it, the new translation has made it like playing a whole new game. It's a relief to finally play a Square Enix game that I appreciate and that makes me excited pick up. This game, coupled with my pleasure with FFXII and the decision to localize Front Mission DS, has reaffirmed my faith in Square Enix and Jesus Christ (they really love me!).

It's sad that the most exciting, addictive, and story-line fresh game Square Enix has released since Vagrant Story is a rerelease, but I'm much more content being sad that being the jaded, disappointed grump I was before.

Onion Knight and Dark knight don't seem to be all that great. From what i've been told, Onion Knight has 0 abilities, and Dark Knight is just Gafgarion with a few more skills, nothing all that special, especially for the tedious requirements.

The Onion Knight relies on mastery of other job classes for its power, while the power of the Dark Knight seems to rely on the unit's HP, high bravery, and low faith. There's some info on the Onion Knight in our Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions game guide, though the exact power of the Dark Knight still eludes me. I'll get some precise stats on him soon, though as I mentioned, seems to have something to do with HP, brave, and faith.

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im making a perfect game. It will have all of the special characters, all artifacts, all unexplored areas, all jobs completed successfully, and every char will master every class. RAWR!
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Its the best Final Fantasy game. It's worth it. :-p
A level 8 Onion Knight has the best stat growth of any class in the game. Couple this with the level down trick that I'd previously posted, and there's the viability of the class. I should also note that the Onion Knight can equip any item in the game.

The Dark Knight has insanely powerful stats, perhaps the best of the generic classes. It becomes more and more powerful with less and less faith, which simultaneously lowers weakness to magical attacks. The consensus amongst the WotL community at this time seems that the ideal Ramza is a Squire with Dark Knight abilities as a secondary.

I have yet to personally unlock the Dark Knight, due to the rather epic class requirements for accessing one. That being said, I'm very close, and will return later to offer some personal feedback.

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So, basically, you just confirmed everything I said and that's in our game guide. Thanks Matt II!
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Glad I could help, Matt I!

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Tried posting this on the Guide, under the Dark Knight, but it wouldn't work.

Three things are of note here.

1) In the vein of some of the unique classes, the Dark Knight's abilities are completely dependent upon having a sword equipped. NONE of the Darkness actions may be used without one, despite the fact that the Dark Knight can equip other weapons, such as Axes. If you're a fan of optimizing equipment, be careful not to accidentally go into battle with an Axe equipped.

2) Veterans of the original FFT will of course remember the Knight Swords, including the exquisite Save the Queen, Ragnarok, and, above all, Chaos Blade. The good news is that the Dark Knight may equip these weapons; previously, only Knights could.

3) Dark Knights can obtain special swords in the multiplayer mode (This holds true for Onion Knights as well). The power of these swords is inversely proportional to the Dark Knight's faith rating; in other words, the lower your faith, the more damage you'll deal.

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Do you know how the swords acquired in multiplayer, and what are they named?
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