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how do you get byblos im right about to beat the game and istill havent got him yet?
You have to beat every floor of the optional area, Midlight's Deep, to recruit it. You'll see it the first time you enter the last floor, and it should offer to join afterwards. You can open Midlight's Deep it up by going to the Port City of Warjilis right before the end of the game.

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Ok now this is my question, how do i get midlights deep i know its already been answered but ive been the that place to read the rumor and it doesnt say ne thing my freind told me he thinks i gatta get nelveska temple back to a green dot could ne one psle help me lol

I use that as a resource. Has everything I think.
Well here is Byblos Status and Job review!
Move-5 Jump-3 C.EV-5

Hp.S- Mp.A Sp.S PhysAtk.S MagickAtk.A-

Energize 0 0 0 4 Cure x2 Amount Of Byblos Hp
Parasite 0 0 0 4 All Abnormal Status Expect Zombie
Vengeance 0 0 0 5(3) Damage Equal To Byblos Wounds
Manaburn 0 0 0 5(3) Damage Equal To Target's Current Mp

Byblos Has an innate Poach, Counter and Ignore Counter, but he can't enter water.
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