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Forums / Advent Children/game Remake For Ff7?

Well, Chrono Trigger still stands alone fine. For instance, my wife last summer played CT for the first time and LOVED it, so then I made her try FF VI and that game was already too old school for her tastes when compared to Chrono Trigger. THATS why remaking these games is a good idea, because they can flesh out the game mechanics that CAN BE fleshed up and make them more playable for a younger generation.
remaking them just to appease your wife?

FFVI is fine the way it is. Screw the younger generation, they'd much rather worship ff7 anyways.
I'm 19, I'm perfectly effing fine with FFIV, FFV and FFVI the way they are.

I'm also fine with Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3, the way they are.

Same with Super Mario RPG, Illusion of Gaia, Earthbound, and every single other RPG that appeared on the SNES.
Yes, I like them exactly the way they are.

I still play my effing SNES. Why? BECAUSE ITS GOOD. And because some of the games on it, are the best video games that were ever made, not like most of the shit that comes out today, with effing 'explosions' to appease fucking 5 year olds.
No, I don't even like Halo.

I like Goldeneye 007. Best FPS ever made.

Why? Because they are classics.
They are fantastic games, that have survived through the ages, They alone shaped what games are like today.

Legend of Zelda for the NES for example.
Today, you might say it's boring as hell. But, it was the first video game ever made to allow you to save your game. No passwords, nothing.
Now, perhaps someone later might've put in such a feature, but imagine today if we were still playing video games with passwords.

The new idiots today, that bought the PS3 and Xbox 360 for the graphics capabilities, are just that. Idiots. They don't understand the quality of these games, and they seek visuals in replace of a games story.

Me? I am sitting with a Nintendo Wii, which I might add has been SOLD OUT every week since it came out.
I download retro games, I enjoy them quite a bit.
Currently waiting for them to put Super Mario Bros. 3, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger on there.

An rpg can be good in 3d. I myself enjoyed Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, I look forward to enjoying Final Fantasy XII, which i have not yet gotten around to buying.
But just because an rpg can be good in 3d, doesn't mean that the story or gameplay should be sacrificed for graphics.
It's an RPG. it doesn't need graphics.

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Wow, why do you think people bought the N64 or the SNES when they came out? Hint, it wasnt because of the gameplay, kid. Its just know that Nintendo has jumped on the "graphics dont mean shit" parade.

In short, you're an idiot that tries to justify the industry based on your own taste and tries to pass it off as common sense. Quite common for a 19 year old really.
I dunno, I think anyone who says they want "cinematics and stuff" and then go lash out at people who like "graphics in an RPG" are kind of shooting themselves in the foot.

FF3 DS was a major improvement over the original in interface usability, accessibility, game design, and aesthetics (visual and aural) that helped bring the game to an audience that otherwise wouldn't have experienced it. In my opinion Square Enix is doing a great job of this particular market even if they're totally screwing up their other more popular franchises with World of Mana, Final Fantasy XIII, etc.

Hey, hitting "edit" does an inline edit. Nice work Matt!

Kids, let's not get personal. We were 19 too not too long ago, and I definitely remember considering myself a lot more informed than those around me despite my age.

Veszerin, despite your personal opinion of "graphics" in RPGs, they definitely do serve a functional purpose and aren't merely aesthetic. If you're trying to say that you think they're of lesser importance compared to, say, the storyline or the gameplay, then you're probably right. There is a disturbing trend in the PS3/Xbox 360 direction that indicates developers believe players want more epic Hollywood-like experiences and that is leading to increased budgets being spent on things like high definition graphics, non-interactive cutscenes and surround sound audio. Perhaps that's not relevant when you think about a game that was a classic example of great gameplay like Chrono Trigger. But at the same time, in 1995, Chrono Trigger was considered an absolute A+ package, including graphics and certainly high fidelity sound seeing as it's revered as one of the best game soundtracks ever made by many.

Perhaps your taste is just not inline with Square Enix's production direction these days. I certainly know mine isn't. People like Rachel here at SH have spent the past few years almost exclusively playing "alternative" RPGs like Disgaea, Persona, and obviously Xenosaga, which while all very polished experiences, aren't the Hollywood proportionate experiences that Square Enix likes to put out. But that doesn't mean that all games need to be "alternative" or that all people like these days is the explosive epic Star Wars clone.

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Holy shit, Rahul just made a long, insightful post.

I hesitate to say this, but I think this forum might actually be saved after all.

Now, with respect to the topic at hand:

I picked up Goldeneye recently and it was damn near unplayable--that game did not age well, innovation or not.

Additionally, while I was one to share in your frustration, Vezerin, what we need to realize is that people play games for different reasons. Truth is, it doesn't take very much any more for someone to be a "gamer", a term which, itself, has garnered fair commonality in recent times. The industry is paying the price for its success--in order to be mainstream, it must succumb to the same forces which bash the movie industry down every day. There, it's rehashed devices, bad writing, lots of violence. Here, it's graphical excess.
Oh GOD how terrible that something I once liked, now looks better than it did before while still playing the same, FUCK

Why are you so angry Xavi? Is working at EA doing this to you? :-(
Nah, Im just pointing out how dumb this discussion is getting. For an RPG, once you already have a stellar story and gameplay, its really hard to fuck it up on a remake. Sure, I prefer them making original games, but if I get a rad looking 3d version of FF VI, Im not going to be the one complaining.
ok well yea the ff7 for ps 1 was really good but imagine how good it will be with cool graphics i mean think about it NEW STUFF! no more lil cheap things
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I remember it looking really cool when it CAME OUT, those were good times.

FFVII needs a remake....BAD.

I picked it up and put it in last night.

It would be alot better if the chars looked more...realistic and less like origami, perhaps like they do in the battles would be nice.
And Analog Stick. FF7 needs an Analog stick...badly.
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