March 28, 2008, Square Haven has ceased updates indefinitely. What you see below is an archived version.

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Where's BahaMatt... Sad to see this place is rather abandoned. I'll check back for replies in a month or so ;) Hope everyone is well!

Mark (of Squaresoft Forever fame...)
yo I was bored and nostalgic so I came over here, mostly just bored, but then I got nostalgic. I miss u sh
Actually, believe it or not, the vapidity of Square Haven continues! Matt, Rahul, Nephtis, Ziyad, myself, and a few others have been hard at play (except Matt, who's actually doing the work) at creating a new site called (conveniently enough located at that will expand the horizons of vapidity into all the various nooks, crannies, orifices, and other recesses of gaming.

Matt's done a fantabulous job coding the site, and while its still in closed beta at the moment, I'm sure you wouldn't have a particularly hard time getting in (especially Yuna).
Damn, I just reread some of the posts and I want to punch past-self me in the mouth. With a tack hammer.
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