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The Right Club for the Job
It is common for average golfers to inflate their scores with a bad short game with [url=]best price golf clubs[/url]. It can be relatively simple to smash the ball off the tee and then use long [url=]callaway irons[/url] or two to get the ball within a few yards of the green. But once the green is in sight, many golfers find it difficult to get the ball up and down for par. Never assume that the only [url=]taylormade r9 ultimate set[/url] you can use for your short game are your sand wedge, your pitching wedge and your putter. Take some time on the driving range to see what you can do with a 7-iron when you choke up on it. If you find yourself in the woods surrounded by trees and your only way out is to burn a low shot under some branches, then you are not going to want to use [url=]callaway ft-iz fairway wood[/url] with the loft of a wedge. Choking up on a long or medium range iron will allow you the control to keep the ball low, and the loft on the club will give you the punch you need to get the ball out. Experiment and learn how to use the right [url=]taylormade 2009 burner driver[/url] for the job. ishiner
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