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Well I don't care what people say, it would be foolish to have them for free. Think about the costs involved for Nintendo if they were! I mean obviously they couldn't go charging $100 for an old game, but hey, I'd be prepared to spend a little on a certain game I liked, and not to get ripped off because it's a 'rare title'. Go the costs, just let's not go nuts making them expensive.
and Maybe, just MAYBE the costs of the NES carts will go down... or else... worst case scenerio... The prices of the "ultra rare" carts will skyrocket 'cuz everyone wants to play them on the old skool systems...
well if they do decide to fee 'em, it better not be fucking $20 bucks for a damn NES game, i think it was insane charging that much for the game boy. but umm... yeah, i shouldn't have said completly free for online, but still just being able for first party games to play online for free would be nice. but i got out of that artical is nintendo first party games free maybe and third party games no chance in hell. or it's just what i wanted it to say. . .
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