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First off, holy shit. What's it been, a good 5 years since my last post here?

Anyways, who's into the Decemberists? I'm going to see them in Boston this weekend. Can't wait! :D
The Decemberists! They came to my home-town last summer, opened up for Beck. Was the shit. I've been listening to the lead singer(forget his name off the top'o me head, as I'm quite inbriated, as usual) for years. His other band, Tarkio, is SO good.
I've only recently gotten the Decembrists' music.

It was the "Mariner's Revenge Song" that got me listening to them.

They've got a very natural sound, and it's good to hear a band that expands beyond mediocre song topics.
That's me fave! 'Ceptin the Tain, o' course
So, the concert was amazing. The Mariner's Revenge Song was the highlight of the show! At the end of the song when the whale eats the crew they brought out 3 people dressed in a whale costume, and it ate all of the band members (knocked them over). This while the entire audience was instructed to scream for our lives when the whale came out. It was hilarious and a lot of fun.
Yeah, I love the Decemberists.

I was consumed with the song "The Island:Come And See/The Landlord's Daughter/You'll Not Feel The Drowning" for the longest time.
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