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I just found this today on

It looks like an honest, professional attempt to organize without rampant flaming or other immature behaviors.

If you're an American voter, please give it a look.
Personally I have thought about offering my body to the guy behind the counter at GameStop.

I imagine the public at large would regard with amusement, even derision these attempts at political advocacy on behalf of video games. Blithely lacking any sense of proportion as to the major political issues of the day, the more "enlightened" in the gaming "community" are eager to unfurl the banner of free expression and fight big brother nannyism, while the average gamer is probably just looking to mug prostitutes in the latest GTA and heaven forbid he can't get his hands on the latest. And we thought defending pornography was all about free speech and not the right to fap to silicone breasts.

Why does Hillary even bother anyway? It's not like The Family Entertainment Protection Act will be a feather in her cap when it comes to wooing Reagan dems and NASCAR hicks[/s] dads.
If you can't learn to watch and control your kids to a certain degree, you shouldn't have them...and if you're children are doing something you'd rather not have them do, it's your fault...not the fault of games.

People in this country (and others) do not understand that the kids have access to these things because they let them. Control is out of hand in the states, mainly because we live in an age where parents expect to turn on the television and let childrens programs entertain their children while teaching them (like Dora the Explorer or any other show on the Noggin Network, or Nick Jr.) and then walk away. Kids grow up, and when they learn how to change the channel, they will, and parents who walk away expecting their kids to be learning from television are letting their kids be exposed to sex, drugs and mass violence on television...Do you honestly think that this type of behavior amongst young children can't be applied to videogames? Parents buy the games, then hand it over without a second thought to the rating or content in it and that is something that needs to change...are government regulations going to stop this? No. Parents will STILL buy the games, and STILL hand it over...the problem lies with the parents, not the games themselves...

thanks for letting me ramble btw...
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