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I was reading up on one of my favorite metal bands this morning, Sigh, and about their latest album "Gallows Gallery". Apparently, during the recording process, their lead band member, Mirai Kawashima, became seriously ill, having a "ghastly appearance" while working on the album and eventually having to go to the hospital because the band was experimenting with sonic frequencies that ultimately cause discomfort (though those aware of this say that the actual album does not cause any such side affects, the sonic frequencies are inaudible).

SO NOW THAT THE WORDY PRELUDE IS DONE... isn't it kind of unnerving that this technology exists? Looking at the Wikipedia entry kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth, although I suppose all is fair in war. Some stores (although I've NEVER experienced this first hand) are making use of some devices that emit frequencies only teenagers can hear that are uncomfortable and jarring, causing them to stay away. While that, in itself, seems reasonable enough (sort of), I'm one of those crazy paranoid people that imagines the world (or at least, this country), evolving into a police state in which these sounds are used against its people for the sake of snuffing retaliation. A NYWAYS... while these weapons are considered "non-lethal", they are, apparently, fully capable of killing.


So what do you bitches think?
thats a bit weird...
this is the high tech equivelant of an old man on his porch shaking his fist *DAMN TEENAGERS!*
Dredg has a concept album that is like such; there's thousands of layers of inpercepitable sound that you're supposed to listen to whilst going to sleep; it spawns lucid dreams and such; anyway, buy it! SUCH A GREAT FUCKING BAND!!!
I remember listening to Sigh years ago, in like 1998 or something. Are they still fucking crazy?
The man almost killed himself using sonic experimentation for the sake of music! Of course they're still ape shit! He was in and out of the hospital throughout the entire recording period.
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