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Forums / there is something alive inside my gba

Rahul I think your GBA has dandruff. Just use some head and shoulders or selson blue. Maybe you could get out the old camcorder and re-enact the Ally sheedy scene from The Breakfast Club.
I think Rachel's comments are far more amusing, especially after the more 'mature' campaign that came with the DS. "Touching is good."
Methusalen said:
Well, I know when we got Terasa her own used GBA SP it had a couple white specks on the inside of the screen ... under the plastic that protects the screen actually... Looked like lint or something, possibly from them wiping down the screen before replacing the plastic sheet?

I'm not sure what to do, as I actually traded it back to the local retailer for another used one (the right shoulder button didn't work)...

If there's a used game retailer around you, maybe you could check to see if they replace the plastic cover and could clean it out for you?
That is assuming that it's lint or something... <_<

How does your fiance feel about your gaming obsession? Does she game?
She plays Sonic and MarioKart: DD, along with the Super Mario games... She might not be as much of a gamer as I am, but she's a gamer in her own right...
I love Mariocart DD the price still hasn't gone down for that game. I just got a game cube for my birthday and it was the same price as when it first came out. I am happy that you are marrying a gamer a marriage made in gaming bliss.
LittleCactaur said:
i'd like to see a multiplayer game where you build your own little town, and then anyone in the vicinity of you can connect wirelessly and sabotage your town....and then you'd get together with like 6 friends and try to destroy each other's towns, then form alliances and start wars and shit

Ummm Age of Empires for the pc?
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