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So, Going around with my uncle (who offered to help Terasa and I out with a new car... and by that I meant driving around and looking, but ended up pitching in an additional $1000) we found a Hyundai Accent that was going to go to auction. It was a trade in, and my uncle had done buisness with the car dealer twice already, so we got the car for $2,200(after taxes, licensing, and window replacement).

The car only has 68,000 miles on it, appears to be well maintained, clutch and brakes feel fine, and all is well regarding rust/body damage... (as in, there is none).

We got lucky, that's all there is to it.

Note: Mine's silver.
Looks nifty, my Escort was $1,100...but that's because I bought it from my sister-in-law.
I have no car :(

The vicious homeschool cycle keeps me from getting one. I still have to pay another 200 bucks to take the 2nd part of driving school to get my lisense (on top of the 200 smackers i payed for the first part), so even if i get my lisense, I'm too broke to get a car, and with no car i can't get a job to PAY for a car, so i'm screwed on that....

Nice car though :)
LittleCactaur said:
and with no car i can't get a job to PAY for a car, so i'm screwed on that....

That's not all that hard to deal with, just get a job that requires less than an hour to walk to... It may sound like a pain in the ass, but you'll only be stuck walking for the first couple of paychecks, then you'll have enough for a downpayment on a (hopefully working) car.
Yeah, I got lucky, as I live within walking distance of my previous employers... That helped me save up the money for my first car.

Just remember, just because you save up for a down payment for a car doesn't mean you're out of the woods... If you are making payments on a car, you usually have to have more coverage than just liability... so your insurance is going to be more expensive.

But, good luck finding a job and whatnot... don't worry, you'll probably have a car before I got MY first car... I was 23 when I got mine.... a little over a year ago....... I made due without my own vehicle for a while, but alas... I finally felt obligated to get my own vehicle and get moving on my own.
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