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Ye know what. I really don't know about this Kingdom hearts thing...All I know is the mind who came up with this idea is talented, has a dream and has did a good job achiving it. In Japan they allready have the game half way done or more. Trust me once squaresoft makes a part one of a game, if they have a plan to make a part 2 they allready are making it during the part one. It's called for short terms the "mirror" As a company is working on part one they work on part 2 before hand while making part one so that way people don't have to wait so long for the next one. Like soul reaver for instance, it wasn't quite a big success as kingdom hearst, devil may cry and so forth but they put sould reaver 2 out because it has allready been over half way created, tested and so on in the first. Sorry for the long comment but it's the behind the scenes truth. (Catch the drift?)...Send me an e-mail if ye don't understand...
Hell yeah! I will kiss the ground they walk on if they make another Kingdom Hearts. I loved that game. Couldn't shut it off until I finished it. And the special feature movie!!! Gaaaaa! I swear I'll start sharpening knives and louding bullets if they don't. They can't just leave people hanging. Although I do wish I could subject some of my ideas to them .Heh. I'm a psyco beotch so leave me alone. ^_^
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