HTML examples for use in the message forums

Linking to another page
<a href="">Some site</a> -> Some site
Note: Make sure you use double quotes around the URL!
Text Formatting
<b>Bold Text</b> -> Bold Text
<i>Italic Text</i> -> Italic Text
<strike>Strikethrough</strike> -> Strikethrough
<big>Frickin Huge Text</big> -> Frickin Huge Text
<small>Teeny Tiny Text</small> -> Teeny Tiny Text
Special Formatting
Surround quoted text with BLOCKQUOTE, ie: <blockquote>Blah blah blah blah</blockquote>
Hide spoilers with DEL, ie: <del>Somebody totally fucking died</del>
Code an image like so: <img src="" alt="An image"/>
Note: Make sure you surround the image URL with double quotes and include an ALT tag also surrounded with double quotes. Don't forget the forward slash (/) at the end of the tag!