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Dragon Quest V

Square Enix
Dragon Quest
  • Spring 2008
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Dragon Quest V overview

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Nintendo DS remake of the original Dragon Quest V

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  • Dragon Quest IV-VI remakes headed to the DS
    dq_vi_remake.jpgTwo low-res scans of the Japanese gaming magazine Shonen Jump have appeared, revealing a surprise that, while not all that surprising, might be the makings of a nostalgia overload for Akira Toriyama fans. The second sequential trilogy of Dragon Quest titles is currently receiving a round of remakes for the Nintendo DS portable console with 2.5D isometric viewpoints reminiscent of the PS1 series entry and overhead maps viewable on both screens. For Dragon Quest IV Square Enix is shooting for a Winter release in Japan. Scans
    news article 30 July 2007 by Jeriaska  55  no new comments 2 commentss permalink permalink

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Spring 2008


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