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Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy
  • December 17, 2001
  • July 19, 2001
  • May 24, 2002
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Monster Arena Guide

[text version]
written by Christine Bomke with HTML and additions by Matt Berti

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Foreword / Contact Information

First, this is not a gameplay FAQ. This is an explanation of how the Monster Arena works, and how to level up like mad by fighting in it. If you need help figuring out the Sphere Grid system, or want a walkthough, look elsewhere. Most of this information came from my own experiences in the game, but some information concerning auto-abilities of dropped equipment, slots of dropped equipment, and drop rates came from the Final Fantasy X Ultimania "Battle" guide. Exact monster stats came from the Final Fantasy X Ultimania "Omega" guide. It also bears mentioning I never would have appreciated the Monster Arena fully while playing the import if not for Muni Shinobu's "Training Facility" FAQ on GameFAQs, so much respect to him, too.

If you have a submission or a question regarding the Monster Arena that I haven't covered in this document, don't bother emailing me. I am completely satisfied with this FAQ as it stands now, and the very thought of ever updating it again - or answering email about it - makes the bile rise in my throat. If you'd still like to attempt to contact me, however, my email address is at the top of the FAQ, and I'm on the boards as "Ceebs".

The latest version of this FAQ, and all the other ones I've written, can always be found at GameFAQs ( and my site ( Please take a look at them before finding fault with what may be an erroneous version.

« Version History General Strategies / Leveling Up »

All data, HTML is copyright Christine Bomke and Square Haven. You do not have permission to copy this data for any reason other than personal use. Data based on Christine Bomke's Monster Arena FAQ, © 2001, 2002 Christine Bomke. I don't advise that you copy this as CB has a skinny boyfriend named Matt but he just looks skinny and he's really not skinny and he will probably kick your butt if you copy this guide because he get's offended when you do stuff like that. probably.
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