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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+

Square Enix
Action RPG
Kingdom Hearts
  • March 29, 2007
A+ 4 total ratings
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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ media

60 post-Japanese release Final Mix+ screens source: Jeuxfrance 04/06/07
10 Final Mix+ character and (Winnie the) Pooh scans. source: Jeuxfrance 03/19/07
Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete cover art source: Amazon 03/17/07
3 in-the-box Final Mix+ scans source: Jeuxfrance 03/07/07
8 Final Mix+ gameplay scans source: Jeuxfrance 02/21/07
3 Final Mix+ wallpapers source: khinsider 02/03/07
55 Final Mix+ battle screens source: Jeuxfrance 02/03/07
17 Final Mix+ battle scans source: Jeuxfrance 02/03/07
4 Final Mix+ Chain of Memories gameplay scans source: Jeuxfrance 01/19/07
9 Festive Final Mix+ scans source: Jeuxfrance 12/22/06
22 Final Mix+ Famitsu scans source: Famitsu 12/18/06
First scans of Re: Chain of Memories source: Magic Box 10/12/06
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