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Track List Surfaces for Anthology Music CD

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  RPG site The GIA has recently released the Soundtrack list for the Final Fantasy Anthology. While many favorites made the list, many more have been left out. However, before we get further into that, the list:

Track #TitleRunning Time
01 FF5 Opening Theme2:36
02 The Dungeon2:31
03 We're Pirates2:07
04 City Theme2:19
05 Parting Sorrow2:36
06 Mambo De Chocobo1:12
07 Distant Homland2:41
08 Music Box Memories1:50
09 To My beloved Friend.4:02
10 Phantom Forest3:19
11 Phantom Train2:49
12 Wild West 2:19
13 Kids Run Through The City 2:44
14 Terra (World of Balance theme) 3:51
15 Slam Shuffle 2:22
16 Spinach Rag 2:15
17 Johnny C Bad 2:56
18 Mog 1:57
19 Dark World 3:06
20 Epitaph 2:52
21 The Magic House 2:34
22 The Prelude2:21

  Now, while this is a very pleasant looking list, one can't help but wonder what the point of the poll on Squaresoft's homepage was. Around a month ago, they issued a poll, asking for players' favorite songs from Final Fantasy V and VI, saying that the results would help determine what songs made the list. Well, the poll results can be seen Here, but they definitely don't match what made the tracks that made the cut. More importantly, the songs that recieved the most votes are totally absent from the CD.

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