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Solid Snake Pro Skater revealed at E3 in all its magnificent glory

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From the producer who brought you Metal Gear, Metal Gear II: Snake's Revenge, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - among other titles named METAL GEAR - comes METAL GEAR Solid 2 Substance.
  In a pre-show E3 interview, Konami's Hideo Kojima revealed several details pertaining to the next title in the somewhat relevant Metal Gear series:

  "Dude, me and Hojoko-san were tripping up on acid and shrooms," revealed Kojima, "and I got this rad notion to totally make a new Metal Gear title with Solid Snake Skateboarding, yo!"

  Enter Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, currently slated for release on X-box, PS2, and PC. The elusive title will feature the complete missions present in Metal Gear Solid 2 plus VR missions and "all-new adventures in which players assume the role of Solid Snake."

media 6 Screens, courtesy of Gameforms

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Forums / News / Solid Snake Pro Skater revealed at E3 in all its magnificent glory

...whoah...i can't believe that isn't coming out.
Actually, I heard MGS2: Substance was on its way; no skateboarding though.
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