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No news today.

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That's right. There is absolutely no news to report today. And with that said, here is a link to the weather at my house.

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Oh, but how wrong you are... It was confirmed today that Final Fantasy III was canned for WSC... :(
Confirmed by who? Your mom? I don't see this news anywhere. And if it's on IGN then I'll continue to disbelieve it until it is confirmed elsewhere.
I don't know who supposedly confirmed FFIII for the WSC was canceled, but Square Gamer claimed it was confirmed (it didn't do the confirming). All I know is that the FFIII page was taken down. I think Square instead will announce FFIII for the PS. Being able to play all ten FFs on a single console (eh, supposedly Anthology doesn't work?) is pretty nice.

Also, I'm trying to figure out if FFI and II are really going to be released separately or as a compilation (for purposes of game coverage). Ok, so they're remakes, but I still think it's a rip to sell them separately for 30 bucks each.
Well, it's not like FFIII was ever gonna make it to North America. MORE weather reports about your area.
Exactly! Durn idle speculation...
"durn?" lol
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