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Vivendi Universal: "video games... bah!"

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The Wall Street Journal reports that media conglomerate Vivendi Universal is looking to sell its game division, consisting of Blizzard, Sierra, and Universal Interactive. Gamespot reports that Vivendi is hoping to sell its game assets for up to $1.94 billion; the very same assets that Vivendi apparently turns an estimated $600 million profit from annually...

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Forums / News / Vivendi Universal: "video games... bah!"

This is like a week old news man! Geez, get it together already!
That said, enable posting for us non-staff so we can post news ourselves, might be more useful for uptodateness :D
Yeah, right! I'll have no trash like this flooding my home page. You can just forget about it.
And just to set you straight, this news is only three days old.
Oh wow, that's fearful. I thought only decent people read this website. Too bad, I guess.
If only we were so lucky...

Square-oriented sites never seem to attract the brightest lads. Hey, it's been shown time after time after time.

Of course, there is much to be said about the sheer futility of working on a Square-oriented web site. What folly. :)

I don't have anything against those sites. Awkward sentence structure (ahem) does perturb me, however...
Actually (and I'm being honest here), FFOnline was the "site with the niftiest layout" before you guys relaunched. In terms of functionality et la, FFOnline is the cake. The cake. Of course, they have absolutely no interesting content and their elitist attitude makes me fear even my own occasionally, so I think I'll stick around here more. Like glue. Aren't you pleased now.
There's a simple formula that certain sites use to get attention:
Make fake box art of upcoming FF games and act cool about it. Then wait for mags to call them idiots then still act cool about it.
I'd say FFOnline still has the niftiest layout. I have to admire its precision and functionality.

However, it is pretty obvious that those guys don't know anything about proofreading or writing. I call it as I see it...

I also think FFOnline has a problem with visitors not really caring about game coverage (like everyone else), because I checked out FFVIII's bestiary for some ideas for FFT's and I noticed that some of the data is mis-classified. You'd figure this would have been fixed a long time ago.

All the forum fixtures, last time I checked, really only like to hear themselves talk rather than discuss somewhat rationally. I remember a tortured discussion about FFT's ending that was utterly inane...

At least I can make fun of myself. :)

Over at FFNet, I recall a ridiculous "Olan Durai is in the FFVIII tutorial, so FFT is in the same universe as FFVIII."

Finally, I don't know how people can take seriously the argument that Final Fantasy Tactics is part of the main series.

"It has Chocobos!!!" Well, so does Chocobo Stallion, Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon, Chocobo Racing, etc., etc.
Larm is correct. Upon purchasing Xenogears for the splendid PS1 mechanical device, I did indeed ask, aloud, to myself, "why did I bought this game?"
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