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Acclaim does something stupid. Again.

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First, they tried advertising on people's graves. Then they made some guy wait in line 50 days for a crappy Turok game. Oh, and then they gave people money to change their name to Turok. Could Acclaim Entertainment possibly pull off something even stupider? The answer is yes.
?The UK branch of Acclaim Entertainment has just announced yet another stupid advertising campaign. To promote their latest PS2 game, Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Acclaim says that they'll pay the speeding fines for anyone caught by a speed camera on October 11th.

?Acclaim says that they, of course, do not condone speeding. They just want to help out the people caught speeding on the launch day of their new game.

?The reasoning behind the campaign? Acclaim spokesperson Shaun White explains, "Taking the side of people who enjoy driving fast, it therefore seemed quite logical to offer people caught by camera something that would make them feel okay about it." Right.

?The UK's Department of Transport was quick to point out the obvious, stating that Acclaim's irresponsible campaign would encourage drivers to speed--possibly endangering the life of the driver and the lives of others.

?"If they want to foot what is likely to be a hefty bill, that is their choice," a government spokesperson said, "but we cannot condone something that so obviously encourages people to break the law and do something dangerous."

?He also went on to say, "Basically they are encouraging people to speed and to break the law. I just hope for their sakes that none of these people ends up knocking down a child."

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What a bunch of n00bs.
well, i'm pretty sure that this is the most absurd thing i've read in ... a very, very, very long time. i know it won't be, but it certainly [i]should[/i] be the end of acclaim.
Wow, is Acclaim being ran by a bunch of goofy-ass retards that obviously think of the most fucked up promotional campaigns? The answer is yes.
Okay, what the fuck? Something weird seems to be going on...
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