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Microsoft: "ah aim ta kill yoo with it. mmhm."

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  • Share: link to this page e-mail this page Digg it! Facebook reports that, in reply to all the recent PS3 buzz Sony has been voluntarily dispensing, Micrsosoft's J Allard has made a hollow promise to the gaming public. "...we'll promise...that they won't get a head start next time. And I'll just leave it at that."

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That made my day.
Oh, shut up Microsoft.

Sega had a big head start with the Dreamcast, and look where that got them. Poor Dreamcast. *sniff*

On second thought, yeah, go for that head start.
J Allard is such a douschebag. He creates false buzz and concocts sheer lies out of thin air in vain attempts to hype the stupid Xbox. This is the same guy who went around starting bullshit about the whole Square/Microsoft rumors before the Xbox launch.
What a fucking fatty! I hate this dumbass. Ive seen some videos of this guy giving a speech trying to hype the release of the Xbox... God, he was so damn lame, you should have seen em! He acted like a complete retard in front of all these people.

And thats all I have ta say about that....
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