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24 year-old Korean man dead; Warcraft III suspected

  • Published at 16:53:00 PT
  • Reported by Matt Berti
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An unemployed 24 year-old man has been reportedly found dead in the bathroom of an Internet cafe in South Korea after a long round of gameplaying. Witnesses of the spectacular 86 hour gaming session claim that the man collapsed during play and, shortly after recovering, staggered into the bathroom where his pitiful life - void of all meaning and purpose - came to an abrupt end.

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Forums / News / 24 year-old Korean man dead; Warcraft III suspected


Sounds kind of like that EverQuest suicide story. Some fucking loser killed himself because of EQ. I heard that it was due to him loosing a large amount of 'in game' money (platinum).

The guy had some major mental problems though.
What a way to go out... playing games...

Out of all te ways to die, I would say death by game is probably right beneath death by boobs and death by sweet, lusious, marshmallowy Peeps... *drool*
Remember, everyone, make sure that keep some water within arms reach. I can just see it now on future game boxes...

Extensive usage may lead to dehydration and malnutrition.
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