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GBA2 rumors persist

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In addition to tangible reports of a back-lit GBA, new rumors are emerging of a completely new, completely remodeled GBA in development at Nintendo's evil volcanic lair.
As reported by Planet Gamecube, Nintendo's new handheld, which is assumed to be announced by the end of the week, will contain various upgrades and features.

  • A new shape to accommodate the various design changes
  • Four buttons on the face of the unit in addition to the two shoulder buttons
  • Back-lit screen
  • Flip top over the screen, "reminiscent of the later Game & Watch"
  • A proprietary slim-line battery (presumably rechargeable Lithium-Ion) providing 10 hours of play
  • Faster processor
  • More RAM
  • Priced at 10,000 Yen ($81)
The specifications reported and the actual existence of the GBA2 are still rumors and not confirmed by Nintendo.

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The whole thing sounds like a mixed blessing. Sure the new features sound great. Being back-lit will certainly aid the visual issues that anyone who has tried to play in either a dimly-lit of sun-lit room will know, the extra buttons sound great (though does anyone else think this sounds like a PS controller), and increases in processor speed and memory will be nice.

The problem is that now we'll have another stage of games to buy. The GBA came out, what, 2 years ago and they're coming out with a new model already. Sounds like a pretty short lifespan. I just hope that Nintendo continues to release games for the "original" model instead of forcing everyone who just bought a GBA to buy another.
The GBA2 seems to be merely an upgrade rather than an entirely new system, although 'faster processor' and 'more RAM' make me wonder.

Nintendo probably should have included all these new features in the first place, but I don't mind having the old GBA as long as no games (that I want) will be made specifically for the GBA2. Now, if they could just upgrade the sound chip...
The back lighting makes sense, but I dunno about these supposed new buttons. Unless GBA games work on both the GBA and GBA2, it would be forcing the whatever-million user base into getting the GBA2. Why make the GBA obsolete when it's at its prime (or maybe not even there)?

And, WakeShinigami, the four buttons sounds more like a Super Nintendo controller than a PlayStation one. :) Sony borrowed the idea from Nintendo instead of the othe way around.

And is it just me, or is the "Console 2" thing getting annoying? I guess it makes sense, considering that pretty much all consoles are going to be reverse compatible now, but it's beginning to sound lame.
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