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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance delayed

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Games Are Fun is reporting that FFTA has been delayed until 2003 for release in Japan.
When Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was first announced, both Square and Nintendo, through the guise of their Game Designer's Studio, said that it would be released in Japan in time for the holiday season, creating many happy gamers at Christmas.? Of course, that was not meant to be.

Current retailer documents state that the game is slated for a release in 2003.

There has been no specific release date set for FFTA's release either for Japan or America.? And if you think they've already given a date for the PAL territories, well, you're just plain naive.

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Who cares? We weren't gonna get it until 2003 anyway.
True, but it's an addition to the database. We're gonna track FFTA from birth to... when it comes out.
I don't mean "don't post it on the news page", I mean "why do we mind?". People are all "OH NO FFTA IS DELAYED".
I dont really care, as long as the game eventually comes out, Im happy.
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