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Jackass: The Movie "the single most irresponsible movie ever released"

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Jeff Vice, the homosexual mormon movie critic, has finally published his movie review of MTV's Jackass: The Movie - a review that will surely break the movie as a result of his harsh criticism. (Please note that the editors at Square Haven have nothing against homosexuals, mormons, nor movie critics)

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Forums / News / Jackass: The Movie "the single most irresponsible movie ever released"

Well, maybe we have something against movie critics.
Shhhh!! We don't want them to know that we're members of the Secret Evil Organization of People Who Fucking Hate Movie Critics (SEOPWFHMC)!

...eep! er - nevermind.
Ha ha! Fear not! Our acronym is specifically designed so that nobody will remember it!
I saw this movie over the weekend and all i have to say is

shooting rockets out of your ass = in-fucking-genius.
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