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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance info trickles out

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Fourteen of the forty normal classes purported to be in FFTA have been revealed, along with six minor characters and some gameplay details.
Square recently posted new information and artwork about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance at its official website.

Fourteen jobs, only three of which are obvious Final Fantasy standbys, have been announced thus far.? In contrast to the first Final Fantasy Tactics, it appears that job types in FFTA may restricted by race (or tribe).? (If so, it is similar to Tactics Ogre's job restrictions by gender.)? For example, it seems that only humans have access to the Soldier, Paladin, and Hunter jobs.? The other races in the game are the Viera (Archer, Fencer, Assassin), N'Mou (White Mage, Beast Tamer, Black Mage), the Banga (White Monk, Bishop, Fighter) and Moogle (Black Mage, Time Mage, Juggler) tribes.

In addition, several of the new characters that have been revealed are members of four of the five tribes announced so far: Montblanc and Nono (Moogle brothers), Shara (a bow-wielding, Amazon-like Viera), and? Ezel Berbier (a sage-like N'Mou alchemist).

The remaining new characters are the parents of Mute (one of the main characters), who are described in the context of the past Ivalice, the primary setting of FFTA.? (Note that the main characters, including Mute, are from St. Ivalice, which is set in the present day, and they are sent to the past Ivalice of "swords and sorcery" with the power of a mysterious book called the "Gran Grimoire.")? Cid Randell is a "Judge Master" and his wife, Remedi Randell, who is deceased in the present-day St. Ivalice, is the queen of the past Ivalice.

Also mentioned is the role of "quests" (similar to the propositions of FFT) in FFTA.? Quests offered at local pubs, which promise rewards and monetary remuneration, can be undertaken by dispatching clan members.? The game also suggests what kinds of job classes are suitable for each quest, as in FFT, and some of the quests involve actual battles.? Finally, completing the quests successfully will raise the clan's profile and help flesh out the story.? Based on the website's description, it seems that quests will play a central role in how the game progresses.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is scheduled for release February 14 in Japan.

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I don't have Game Boy Advance. Should I get it?
If you have any self-respect: Metroid Fusion, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, Lost Vikings, Golden Sun 2...
In other words: yes.
You're not supposed to acknowledge...
Hey! My fluffy "article" was cited!

I don't know if I should be amused or sad.
Where? I don't see it... Did they remove it?
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