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JaRule likes looking at naked boobs and taking pictures of them

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  • Reported by Matt Berti
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In addition to the announcement that they will be producing a new gaming franchise (article), Playboy has confirmed that shitty, image-driven rapper JaRule will be photographing two naked chicks for an upcoming issue of Playboy (article). In other news, there has been no activity whatsoever in the gaming industry, resulting in fan sites having to report shit like this.

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Forums / News / JaRule likes looking at naked boobs and taking pictures of them

You act like it's a bad thing! Ja's the man, in my opinion.
I have kind of a hunch that Matt despises anything and everything associated with Murder Inc. and No Limit. Maybe I'll toss in Cash Money, too...
Close! I like early cash money stuff - Back that Azz Up? Classic...
I hate all of today's commercial rap -- basically anything on the radio sucks nuts. Especially JaFuckingRule. Anybody who likes JaRule is a gullible consumer whore. Sorry, it's true. But it's ok that you are a whore, Kodama, because there are eight million people just like you!
I'm a whore because I know good music when I hear it?
Do you not like Nas either? He IS on Murder Inc. now.
Legitimacy in numbers, right?

This conversation is over. you are obviously nine or something.
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