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New FFX-2 character, other details revealed

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Please refrain from thinking the terms "dominatrix," "butch," "s&m chick," "grrl power" ...
The latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump included more information about Final Fantasy X-2 contained in a two-page spread. A magazine scan can be found at Quiter.

The third character, whose name is transliterated as "Pain" (rhymes with "Pine"), is an Al Bhed-speaking member of "Kamome" (along with Yuna and Rikku), one of several clans hunting for spheres throught Spira. "Pain" also wields a sword and her dominatrix-like getup is consistent with the saucy garb worn by the other known females in the game.

Absent from the first FFX, Active Time Battle--which first appeared in Final Fantasy IV and since then has been a mainstay of the series sans FFX--makes a return in FFX-2.

Other battle features mentioned include a "Chain" mechanism that allows the player to string together combos to inflict extra damage. One part of the page briefly mentions a "reactive" component to battle (the description is incomplete in one partial magazine scan).

FFX-2 is scheduled for release next March in Japan.

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