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Ghost of Christmas Future taunts children with visions of PlayStation 5

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Bored with scaring elderly misers, the Ghost of Christmas Future is spending the holiday season taunting modern children with visions of Christmas 2016's hottest toy: the Sony PlayStation 5, a 2,048-bit console featuring a 45-Ghz trinary processor, CineReal graphics booster with 2-gig biotexturing, and an RSP connector for 360-degree online-immersion play.

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Forums / News / Ghost of Christmas Future taunts children with visions of PlayStation 5

In fact, Sony and Nintendo must have merged! Pokemon frenzy got to everyone! There's a red and a blue PS5!!!

Go ahead, get yourself a PS5 NOW!!!
why would sony and nitendo should i be scared caued i never really cared for nitendo that much i'm more of a playstation person.
that's because you're a deuschebag.
Well put.
ahh hem watch out for the racial slate insults.
u don't have to get pissed some people don't care for nitendo that much ass hole!

[Who listens to someone who doesn't know what punctuation is and can't even be bothered to spell correctly? Ed.]
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