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Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII information starts surfacing

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In recent issues of Japanese magazines, some more information on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII prequel was made available.

First of all, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII now has a release date of September, with a beta testing phase scheduled just before then, in August. The game will still be released only in Japan and only for FOMA NTT-DoCoMo 900i series phones, as there has been no confirmation of its presence this side of the Pacific as yet.

The team involved in its production was announced, with Square Enix Mobile manager Yukimasa Ito producing, Yoshinori Kitase co-producing, and Tetsuya Nomura on hand as character designer and conceptualist. One seemingly out-of-place member of this team is scenario designer Kazushige Nojima, who apparently doesn't even work for Square Enix Mobile, but for Stella Vista (?).

Speaking more on the content of the game, Tetsuya Nomura revealed that extreme environmentalist group AVALANCHE will play a role in the game as well, although at this point Barret had not yet joined its ranks. The title of the game was also chosen by Ito, Nomura and Nojima and is related to the crisis of the Planet (eg. Lifestream). Also, the events of the game are based on those in Final Fantasy VII in that they directly lead up to the game, but will be unrelated to the events of Advent Children. The logo of the game displays two new characters designed by Nomura that the player controls throughout the game, but although the player is on the side of the Turks this time, there won't be a chance to actually control any of the Turks from Final Fantasy VII - instead, characters such as Reno and Tseng will pop up as NPCs. Other previously playable characters like Barret and Tifa may also make appearances.

Finally, because Before Crisis is situated before Advent Children in the Final Fantasy VII timeline, the game will probably be released prior to the latter. Before Crisis is currently 40% complete.

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I think this is SO cool!! I always thought the Turks were the best in FF7 (compared to all the "bad guys" of course)!! I was already estatic about them makin an appearance in FF7: AC as good guys & now there's a game revolving around them?! Sweeeet!!
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