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Square Enix trademarks "Radiata Stories"

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Apparently Square Enix registered a "Radiata Stories" trademark at the US patent office on June 30th, but seeing as we don't know what it is (it better not be another blasted cellphone title), there's not much to speculate about. OMGWTF NEW CHRONO GAME?!?!

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Forums / News / Square Enix trademarks "Radiata Stories"

Based on the various use of the word "Radiata" in the dictionary, this game (or whatever) is either about fish.... or trees.
Or it's a blatant misspelling of RADIATOR!!!
That's actually how they pronounce Radiator in New york.... maybe its a game about the Beastie Boys?!? Or a sequel to Parasite Eve (which takes place in new york?!) OMG!!!?~!
Actually "Radiata" starts like "Radical" from Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross, and Matsuno is wellknown for using "Story" as a title for his games (Zodiac Brave Story, Vagrant Story)... OMG new Chrono/Vagrant Story crossover game by Matsuno.
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