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Square Enix trademarks term to describe "milking a franchise"

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As reported earlier today in a Haven news broadcast, Square Enix announced its intentions to trademark the term "Polymorphism". Polymorphism?, an abstract to define the use of a franchise or brand with cross-media applications, it said, will be used in future to stimulate sales of franchises even when there is no longer any new content to put into them. Square Enix Ltd CEO John Yamamoto commented only yesterday that examples of such polymorphic? content will be apparent soon in series such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Final Fantasy VII. Stay tuned as Square Haven provides indepth coverage of Polymorphism? in coming weeks.

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Forums / News / Square Enix trademarks term to describe "milking a franchise"

Mighty Polymorphin' Power Rangers!!! Now on DVD, iMode, PS2, and Lots of Expensive Dolls And Shit You Can Only Import From Japan.
Uhm... does that mean they will rerelease certain titles in europe?
If not then sorry for the misinterpretaion
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