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Uematsu leaves Square Enix (updated)

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Nobuo Uematsu has ended his nearly 20 year position at Square Enix in favour of a career where he can define his own deadlines and not work by such strict schedules. The power is going to his head! Nevertheless, Yasunori Mitsuda opted for the same direction and is now fated to make music for second rate anime, crappy RPGs, and irrelevant Mario Party games. Uematsu will be founding his own company to support his compositions and his band The Black Mages, but leaving Square Enix doesn't mean he won't be working with them in the future as a freelancer: indeed, some of the Final Fantasy soundtracks are his personal favourites.

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Forums / News / Uematsu leaves Square Enix (updated)

Still, Kojima doesn't work at SquareEnix anymore, but he's still doing work on Advent Children...

At the same time, it's quite a shame. At the moment he's in Australia with our locally arranged concert of Studio Ghibli and Final Fantasy music. Pity I couldn't go and question him there...
Well, retirement comes with anything/anybody... though he will be greatly missed being a "core" and direct member of the Squarenix team, he also gets to retire with such a resume of accomplishments that only one could dream of.
It's in the stars: SquareEnix + Toilet Bowl + Flush
Hopefully Nobuo is immune from making soundtracks to crappy RPGs.
Uematsu's leaving is a definitely great loss to Square Enix.
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