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Black Mages may be heading for European release

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In an interview with UK gaming website Eurogamer, Nobuo Uematsu has stated that he is "expecting" someone to assist him with releasing the Black Mages in the UK. He also commented on the possibility of European Final Fantasy orchestra concerts as soon as next year, though nothing is confirmed at this point.

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Yay, go the possibility of an Australian concert! (Unlikely, but hey I can dream!)
Well, you see, the possibility of an Australian concert is much higher than, say, of a Brazilian concert. :(

Guess I'll just import some albums. And stick to my marvelous Chrono Cross soundtrack album (which is not Uematsu's work, I know, but it's easily one of the three best game soundtracks I've heard so far... probably the best of them all).
I agree with the Chrono Cross album there, but the thing is, an Australian tour would mean just as, and maybe NZ. At least Brazil has other places around it, so they could sweep on by in a tour.
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