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First Final Fantasy XII media of 2005 surfaces

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WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHATWhat??? What is happening this week?! I can't take all the pressure!

The kiss

That's right. Matsuno and co have spent the last year in secrecy perfecting the FMV kissing scene between Ashe and some guy who dies before the end of the intro movie.

I'm speechless. Are you?

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karma - - - - - -
could these buttmunches be and more vapid??
Maybe he's a guy that Ashe marries, so that they can be in control of the kingdom or whatever, and because he dies, and they're all anti-femanist (sp?) or whatever, the Judges or whoever come in and take over and thus the story begins. I dunno. It's still really stupid to wait this long though just for a blurry snapshot of something most people won't even bother speculating on.
This had treaded on and desecrated the grounds of decency and has begun to cross the border to complete an utter gayness.
Well at least SOMETHING new has come up, that's a good sign, although yes, it is indeed fairly crap. How about an issue of a magazine giving us a lovely concrete date?
Oh, that's so utterly fantastic I can't even find the right words to thoroughly describe my excitement.

Right. The first media of 2005 is a rehash of something we've seen quite some time ago. And... well, Ziyad nailed it.

I'll go back to waiting Grandia III now. Until some news bringing up something NEW show up.
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