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News / 2005 / May / 16

Official Final Fantasy VII Advent Children release date confirmed

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Advent Children is to be released September 14th on DVD, as was already known earlier, but here are relevant excerpts from the official press release just in case you care.

"Following the great reception we received at the Venice Film Festival for our special edition version, I am pleased to announce the official release date of ADVENT CHILDREN," said director Tetsuya Nomura. "Not only can our fans follow the fate of their friends and allies after the great battle of FINAL FANTASY VII, they can also enjoy this new visual expression that is the result of the technological challenges that we overcame."


Two years have passed since the fated battle.

Though Midgar-city of mako, city of prosperity-has been reduced to ruins, its people slowly but steadily walk the road to reconstruction. However, a mysterious illness called "geostigma" torments them. With no cure in sight, it brings death to the afflicted, one after another, robbing the people of their fledgling hope.

Cloud lives a quiet life with orphans, running a delivery service to get by. The loss of those dear to him during the great battle has left him with scars that do not heal. Overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, he carefully guards his heart.

Then, one day, a phone call comes offering work. The client is requesting protection from a young man named Kadaj. Before long, Kadaj's young and vicious gang preys on the orphans living with Cloud. But why the children? And more importantly, why Cloud? Faced with an inevitable battle, Cloud wavers: Are sins ever forgiven?

After a long struggle, the true battle with Kadaj-a battle beyond human understanding-begins.

    -- DIRECTOR        Tetsuya Nomura
    -- CO-DIRECTOR     Takeshi Nozue
    -- SCENARIO        Kazushige Nojima (STELLAVISTA LTD.)
    -- COMPOSER        Nobuo Uematsu
    -- ART DIRECTOR    Yusuke Naora
    -- PRODUCERS       Yoshinori Kitase and Shinji Hashimoto
    -- MECHANICAL/CREATURE DESIGN           Takayuki Takeya

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Forums / News / Official Final Fantasy VII Advent Children release date confirmed

Japanese release? US release? EU release?
It's all just PR drivel. This is not news!
That's the point, we don't know whether it's Japan or worldwide yet, or whether a UMD offering is following. At this point it's just "Advent Children will be available from September 14th"
I just love how the Sakaguchi is missing from those credits. Lame... I wonder how much it'll be like FF7 considering the damn producer of the series isn't even involved.
Sorry what? Sakaguchi hasn't been directly involved in a Final Fantasy game since FFVI. His role of "executive producer" since has hardly had much of an impact. All the work on 7 till X-2 was Kitase and crew (and Nomura). Sakaguchi's irrelevance was insurmountable to the extent that he left to get his own design studio just so he could stroke his own ego in a free (read: for sale) environment.
According to the most recently released trailer of Advent Children, the Japanese release will be September 14, while the US release will be September 13, both of this year.
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