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Advent Children package details; length confirmed; Last Order: Final Fantasy VII revealed

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New details have surfaced on the release packages for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, which will be available in standard and Limited Edition releases. The Last Order trademark that Square Enix registered several weeks ago has also been revealed to be a short OVA (Original Video Animation) that will be included in the limited edition.

First of all, Advent Children will be 97 minutes long, which should satisfy pretty much everyone considering that we originally heard (back in 2003) that it would be no more than a half hour short. 97 places it firmly in the realm of the feature film, so we can hopefully expect some normal plot development and consistent direction as opposed to other unmentioned CG productions emerging from Japan lately.

Standard edition

According to retailers, the standard release of the movie will include the following:

  • Final Fantasy VII Digest / 30mins (unconfirmed) (A digest edited movie version of the event scenes from the previous game Final Fantasy VII)
  • FF7AC Official Trailer / 2mins
  • Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Trailer / 10mins (unconfirmed) (Trailer of all related FFVII products)
  • More details yet to be confirmed

The disc itself will feature the following:

  • Video track - 16:9 LB
  • Audio tracks - Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo (Dolby Pro-Logic II)

"Advent Pieces: Limited"

At a price of 29500 yen (which roughly amounts to $300), you'll receive:

  • Cloud + Fenrir bike figure set
  • Bonus DVD containing:
    • OVA "Last Order Final Fantasy VII"
    • Making of Special
    • "FFVII Advent Children" - Venice Film Festival Cut
    • Complete trailer collection of "FFVII Advent Children"
  • Complete movie script (probably Japanese only)
  • Cap
  • T-shirt
  • Key holder (with serial number)
  • Final Fantasy VII International Special Limited Edition Version including Special Picture Labels

So what's Last Order? Well, nothing is known at the moment, but speculation suggests that it may be a short animated feature that ties Advent Children to either Dirge of Cerberus or a potential followup game title.

Thanks to duckroll and Jonnyram for digging up the information.

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One can only prey all that fancy stuff makes its way right on over to my shelf.
Are you sure about that Cloud and Fenrir is the same as that picture? Because if it is then Yay~!! But then again if it is this (
then that's not so great, because, well.. you can see the difference..
I think they are different. I mean I know they are in different lighting conditions, but there are small details on the picture in the news article that appear to be misssing in the one you provided, that said I can't be sure.
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