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Advent Children's Japanese UMD

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Advent ChildrenFor fans of the PSP in Japan, good news has come their way from Square Enix. With little word up until recently about the UMD release of its upcoming FFVII movie, Advent Children, Square Enix has finally announced a release date, and it's the same as the DVD; September 14th of this year. It will cost the same as the DVD, but there are no plans on a limited edition version. However, the UMD will include battle themes from the soundtrack to Advent Children.

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You might actually mention the release date, which is September 14th, 2005. And the UMD comes with a bonus, which is a selection of battle themes from the soundtrack in anticipation of the official OST's release later on in the month.
*with great effort, restrains himself*
"However, the UMD will include battle themes from the soundtrack to Advent Children." :D
And the UMD sucks in comparison to the 'Advent Pieces' version, so no PSP version for me. But if it makes money, I have nothing against it.
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