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PS3 could be pushed to 2007 if conditions favor Sony

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PS ThrizzyAccording to a report by Wedbush Morgan Securities, Sony could dely the PS3's launch into the early part of 2007. The basis for the projection rests on the production cost of the current PS2 and the soon to be released Xbox 360. If events go as predicted, Sony will drop the PS2's price to $99 around the launch of the Xbox 360. Because the PS2 costs less than $99 to produce, it would serve as a distraction to the higher priced 360 and help counteract a likely $99 Xbox, which would still sell at a loss. If the launch proves to be lackluster due to the cheapened PS2, it's successor console could easily be delayed into 2007, giving Sony plenty of time to produce units to meet demands. Ultimately, however, the release date rests on the success of the 360 and its launch.

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Forums / News / PS3 could be pushed to 2007 if conditions favor Sony

This is boring and uninteresting news with absolutely no flair in the article and concerning a topic of no relevance to Square Enix.

Why did you post it?
I thought the fact that the PS3's launch could be pushed back so far is fairly important. I guess it's my mistake.
With the PS3 being such an important Square Enix machine and gaming machine in general, its release is something that affects the entire industry, and with that in mind I did find the article interesting. Besides, I don't see what Tingle has to do with Final Fantasy. At any rate, Andrew, don't mind him; this is just how he gets his kicks.
Tingle has flair!
Tingle has lots of flair; and with Richard Simmons at the wheel, he'll whip those fat fanboys back into shape as they sweat to the oldies!
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