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Minaba, Sakimoto and Sakaguchi in Mistwalker DS RPG Archaic Sealed Heat (ASH)

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At Nintendo's press conference, Square Enix spin-off Mistwalker took the opportunity to announce a new game. Which isn't interesting in and of itself (it's a strategy RPG). The interesting part is that Hideo Minaba and Hitoshi Sakimoto are involved. Ding! They were on staff for Final Fantasy XII at some point, right? So does that mean FFXII is done? Or that they quit and the FF12 DOOMED scenario was true to some extent? Or did Sakaguchi just whip it out and taunt them over? And will a game with a title as ludicrous as "Archaic Sealed Heat" really be any good, despite the fact that it's the first game to be developed by Sakaguchi since... a really long time?

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You people make me SICK!

What? How can Mistwalker be an ENTIRE game industry? What the fuck are you smoking??
Something illegal by the sounds of it.
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