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Valkyrie Profile Silmeria: PS2, 2006

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This news article is pretty useless as anything but a link, but I believe Tri-Ace appealing to its most hardcore of hardcore fanbases by ejaculating all over them with a sea of completely desired smut is about as important as the possible and better-fucking-be-on-the-way announcement of a new Chrono game. There you go. Oh yeah, See here for the scan. UPDATE: Gamefront has a new scan that shows the rest of the page, confirming the title as Valkyrie Profile Silmeria and taking place "several hundred years" before the original Valkyrie Profile.

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omg i thought this would never happen!!!!!!
Now, if I could only find the original for a decent (ie- CHEAP) price... Only copy of the original I've seen was priced at like $100... and sold in a day... Maybe someone could talk them into packaging the sequel w/ a copy of the original (either an extra disk or on the same disk as the game?)
well, I hope the game has SOME charcater development this time around, last time it was retarded
Suddenly I find online jargon lacking the appropriate exclamatory acronyms.
theres a used copy on amazon for 105 dollars..jump on it!
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